Hi-di-hi is a Dutch brand founded by ex-engineer and designer Sylvia Y Krens in 2006. The company has an incredibly strong ethical focus which includes ensuring production in their Chinese factory follows Western standards – training, working hours, conditions etc.

Her designs are always creative and fresh without compromise on function and quality (that will be her engineering background of course). Each season brings an exiting new theme and a wonderful colour palette. So for Autumn introducing:-

Hide and Seek

….We all enjoyed it when we were young. But even now we still play the game. Only often more sophisticated. Here and there we show passers-by a glimpse of our identity. A little bit, we will never reveal all. Because we do like a little secret. Extraordinary, odd and funny secrets. One seems to be absorbed in the crowd, but if we take a closer look, we’ll see a personality shining through. In this colourful fall collection from Hi-di-hi you may disappear a bit, but you will, of course, kindly lift a tip of the veil. Here and there a colour or shape secretly comes into play. Are you in?